Morgan Wallen

One Night at a Time Tour


Animation & Content
Creative Direction
Production & Design
Show Direction


Creative Production House: Raw Cereal

Creative Director and Show Director: Anders Rahm

Creative Director and Show Director: Cort Lawrence

Lighting Programmers: Will Flavin and AJ Dicarlo

Screens Producer & Disguise Integration Lead: Aron Altmark

Production Designer: Zac Coren

Network Systems & Blacktrax Tech: George Meltzer

Disguise Tech: Dwain Bennett

Unreal/Real-time Architect: Zach Peletz

Project Manager: Jam Ibay

Technical Draftsman: Jacob VanVlymen

Technical Producer: Grant Draper

Art Director and Lead Animator: Natalie Hall

Unreal Engine Tech and CG Artist: Brandon Rosado

Motion Designer: Agustin Esquibel, Billy Woods, and Joe Vassar

Unreal Set Designer and CG Artist: Caisar Hadi

CG Artist: Brian Egan

Illustrator and Motion Designer: Daniel Bigelow

Director and Unreal Artist: Taylor Ross

Unreal Artist: Andrey Shcherbinin and Darrion Granieri

Photographer: Dani Marshall

Project Details

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